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This one tool will save you hours of mental labor.

Do You…

  • Write articles, blogs or books?
  • Manage complex projects?
  • Plan and teach courses?
  • Consult, coach or mentor?
  • Face challenging problems?
  • Produce lots of new ideas?

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Braincat helps you boil complex stuff down, so you can think more effectively.

Here’s the breakthrough 5-step process:



Mind-opening questions get your thinking started



Enter all your ideas and information in any order



Reduce your input to a few simple headings



Prioritize the main points, and name your Big Idea



Get your results to create, plan, decide or share

From Chaos to Clarity

How Braincat Can Change Your Life

  • Shrink your mental load
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Enable good decisions
  • Share ideas easily
  • Save precious time
  • Enjoy thinking
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Mind Mapping…Reversed!

If you like mind maps, you’ll love Braincat.

Conventional mind mapping is a great tool for visualizing ideas. But it assumes you know your starting point.

Braincat assumes nothing. It begins where you are, with a mass of unsorted ideas and data. Then it quickly reveals the hidden essentials in a simple mind map.

Note-Taking for Results

It’s easy to take loads of notes… but it’s hard to make sense of them later! Braincat lets you enter random stuff, then quickly helps you organize it all.

With the unique TextBreaker™ function, you can enter blocks of text that are broken into phrases for instant organization.

Now you get rapid input PLUS valuable output.

“The Braincat process has changed the way I do my thinking.”
Charlie C.
“This is perfect for agile product development. I love that Braincat is a lightweight tool and demands no training.”
“No one who writes should be without Braincat.”

A Writer’s Dream

When you’re writing well, your mind is uncluttered. You’re in flow.

Braincat makes that easy, by keeping your focus on the key ideas.

Quickly create an outline, showing all your notes. Or just display the headings.

Now your mind is free to craft the text itself. And that’s how flow happens.

Massively Improve Your Team’s Effectiveness

Running an organization? Teaching a class? Leading a project? With Braincat for Teams, it’s easy to work with multiple participants—and mindsets!

Based on the latest cognitive science, Braincat for Teams is the tool that transforms collaborative thinking,

Braincat for Teams lets you gather input from every individual and quickly reduce it to essentials.

The result: faster decision-making, planning and creativity—so you achieve more success in less time.

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It’s Affordable!

Our mission is to share Braincat – and the knowledge behind it – with as many people as possible, so we’ve kept our prices low.


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About Us

Braincat was created by Jon Ward to help people maximize their potential. He says about the program:

“As a consultant to businesses of every kind and size, I became a student of the human mind. I made it my mission to help people think better. The neuroscience is clear: your mental capacities are far greater than you realize. Braincat will help you tap into that vast hidden intelligence.”

Jon is director of marketing of Calroy Health Sciences and an Adjunct Consultant to the Sheffield Group. He’s also a consultant to the Learning Code Institute and to Zing Performance, a brain development company.

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